How It All Began

In 2013, Global Indigenous Management became the world’s leading fashion, events and entertainment agency producing three annual global Indigenous Fashion Runway events. One Runway as part of Australia’s Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, another for the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival’s cultural and curated programs, and New Zealand’s global Indigenous Fashion Festival.

In 2014 Global Indigenous Management introduced the fashion and entertainment industry to its first collection of global Indigenous models and talent and later went on to create and produce the Global Catwalk – Positive Runway for the AIDS Conference in Melbourne Australia.

Empowering Indigenous people from across the globe to come out of their tribal lands and share their creativeness, talent, skill and beauty with the world. It provides a place for the world to tap into and unearth its hidden treasures.

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Indigenous fashion has been growing slowly and Indigenous Fashion Unearthed aims to help indigenous young people gain work experience and exposure in the fashion industry, whether it be in design, modeling, make-up or hairstyle. Still in their infant stages, their premier fashion show was in 2012.   Their cultural collections are unique and they hope that fashion trends worldwide will begin to notice aspects of Indigenous design. Read More >>>


An initiative out of Australia is coming to Saskatoon to make sure that when it comes to aboriginal inspiration on the catwalk, indigenous designers are involved. Australia’s Global Indigenous Management puts on the Indigenous Runway Project, which has teamed up with Her4Directions fashion collective for a globetrotting fashion adventure. Read More >>>


Fashion history was made as the largest gathering of Aboriginal and Maori designers/models graced the catwalk at the famous Spiegel tent in Melbourne during the 2013 L’Oreal Fashion Week.   This Trans-Tasman collaboration between Aboriginal and Maori designers/models showcased the diversity of Indigenous talent that explores culture through fashion and design. Read More >>>


Embracing one’s cultural heritage and discovering one’s place can be exhilarating or darn right scary but having great leaders and mentors along the way creates that sense of purpose. Such a journey, our journey, started three years ago when we developed the Indigenous Fashion Unearthed (IFU). Read More >>>


Established in 2012, the event that celebrates and showcases indigenous fashion designers has made it’s way to New Zealand for the very first time. Founder, Tina Waru says it’s an event where “kindred cultures come together to blend fashion, with culture and tradition; providing opportunities for Indigenous people.” Tina’s mother, Airihi Waru says “This Runway Project is one of the creations to come out of her (psychology) mahi, she created that to assist with the Aboriginal people she was working with at the time.”Read More >>>


Rave reviews at Melbourne’s Indigenous Fashion Unearthed runway on Saturday, Suffolk Park designer Mia Brennan believes that indigenous fashion is on the brink of a renaissance. However, according to the show’s founders, indigenous designers may be picked up internationally before they are embraced on home turf. Part of L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Cultural Program, the show brought together kindred cultures,  Read More >>>


Want to be part of a moment in fashion history? Head along to Melbourne’s Famous Spiegeltent on March 23 for the Indigenous Runway as part of L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. Indigenous designers from Australia will be joined by their Maori counterparts from over the Tasman in this collaborative event, which is an initiative of the Indigenous Fashion Unearthed program. The morning will kick off with a runway show featuring indigenous models wearing garments made using native fibres and haute couture-level traditional weaving, alongside pieces created from contemporary fabrics and modern techniques. Read More >>>


Many indigenous peoples share a deep connection and love for their lands, cultures and traditions – and, it turns out, for fashion. Their talents are on display in this year’s Global Indigenous Runway show, a catwalk event featuring the collections of indigenous designers from Australasia and further afield as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival. Read More >>>


Indigenous Fashion Unearthed provides Maori and Indigenous people the opportunity  to be trained and mentored, to gain experience in the industry. It’s all part of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festivals Cultural program.The showcase is on the 23rd March and is in its second year. After a previous life of working on hair and styling shoots to gaining a degree in photography and creating my own fashion label, I feel like I’m almost coming full circle, or should I say finally making sense of where my experience has led me.  Read More >>>


Australian Aboriginal, NZ Maori, Native American, First Nations and Pacific Nation Designers gathered together to tell their creation stories through design and fashion at VAMFF. Read More >>>


THE Central Australian desert and Alaskan oil rigs are not environments generally associated with high fashion, but Indigenous Fashion Unearthed has been trying to change that since starting up in Melbourne’s western suburbs three years ago.  Read More >>>


Of all the VAMFF events this year, I was inspired most by the Global Indigenous Runway on Tuesday 8th March at the Melbourne Museum. Supported by a full house of fashionistas, culture-hungry creatives and industry elite from around the world, the Global Indigenous Runway presented much more than just an incredible array of outfits. Read More >>>


VAMFF began, and will end, flying the banner for diversity. It was the underpinning muse for 2017 and a concept VAMFF CEO Graeme Lewsey has been cheerfully banging on about for weeks: fluidity of gender, fluidity of culture, sexuality, beauty, fashion. Read More >>>

Founder Tina Waru

Its Founder Tina Waru comes from a strong lineage of pioneers such as her late grandfather Sonny Waru notable Actor, Orator & New Zealand Cultural Consultant, Uncle Selwyn Muru New Zealand Maori Painter, Sculptor, Writer and Film Maker, and the late Hanna Jackson (Aunty), Evan Eriwata (Aunty), and Uncle’s Steve & Pat Heremaia who established New Zealand’s first Maori fashion show and committee in the late 70’s.

Tina first worked in the fashion industry as a makeup artist and had focused on a career in performing arts.  She later went on to complete postgraduate qualifications in Psychology and Indigenous studies. Tina left New Zealand to work in the health and education sector, developing initiatives for Australian Aboriginal communities.

In 2011 Tina’s journey began, to develop an empowering Global Indigenous initiative. The concept was driven by her desire to empower Indigenous young people with confidence, motivation and pride, the very qualities she lacked as a young woman. A year later the initiative Indigenous Runway Project emerged, embracing young peoples hidden beauty and talent enabling them to explore career pathways in various ares of the fashion industry.

Tina has now become one of the top Indigenous Stylists and Choreographer. In 2015 Tina received the Australian of the Day Award for Victoria and nominated for the 2017 Pride of Australia medal.