How It All Began

Global Indigenous Management is a global leader in fashion and events creating the world’s first global Indigenous platform and branching out to many countries around the world.

From Humble Beginnings

In 2013, Global Indigenous Management became the world’s leading fashion, events and entertainment agency producing three annual global Indigenous Fashion Runway events. One Runway as part of Australia’s Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, another for the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival’s cultural and curated programs, and New Zealand’s global Indigenous Fashion Festival.

The Future of GIM

Nothing Can Stop Us

In 2014 Global Indigenous Management introduced the fashion and entertainment industry to its first collection of global Indigenous models and talent and later went on to create and produce the Global Catwalk – Positive Runway for the AIDS Conference in Melbourne Australia.

What Motivates Us

Empowering Indigenous people from across the globe to come out of their tribal lands and share their creativeness, talent, skill and beauty with the world. It provides a place for the world to tap into and unearth its hidden treasures.